Kids in the Parade

2019 Parade Prize Winners

Table lists the parade categories in the first column, first or second prize in the second column, then the winner (if announced) and the award in the next column.
Performing Arts
Includes bands, vocals, dancing,
acrobatics, theater, marching units
First $300.00
Second $200.00
Third $100.00
Costumed Entries One Only $200.00
Youth Groups One Only $100.00
Roscoe Award
Animal Groups
First $200.00
Second $100.00
Wacky Tacky Takoma Award First $200.00
Second $100.00
Parade Theme
Representing "Community Heroes"
One Only $200.00
TPIDC Memorial Award
In honor of Belle Ziegler, Ernie Weisman, Ed Hutmire, June Aloi, and Kay Daniels-Cohen
One Only $200.00

Prizes will not be awarded where, in the opinion of the judges, they are not merited.

2018 Parade Prize Winners