Gene Herman, President

Tara Egan, Vice President, Parade Coordinator

Joyce Seamens, Treasurer

Jess Snowden, Secretary

Larry Baizer

David Cohen

David Eisner

Jared Garelick

Stan Grabia

Gladys Harvey

James Jarboe

Diana Kohn

Howard Kohn

Ed Koren

Stephanie Nolan

Joelle Rabion

Duncan Robinson

Terry Seamens

Jeffrey P. Silverstone

Emily Stevenson

John Webster


Regular meetings are held at 7:30 PM on the fourth Tuesday of the month from January through June at the Takoma Park Municipal Building, 7500 Maple Avenue. Other special meetings are held as needed.


There are never enough people available to staff any task adequately, so we are always looking for reliable volunteers - you don't have to join the Committee and attend meetings to be useful. If you have a few hours to give us, click on the "Contact Us" button and tell us how much time you are willing to donate and what you might like to do to help. We always need help with our Door-to-Door collections, and with many other tasks both on and before the 4th. Work on the next parade begins at our summer wrap-up meeting, almost a year in advance. Sign up for our email list to receive updates on next year's parade planning and how you can help!