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Takoma Park Independence Day

2024 Parade Prizes & Winners

Performing Arts - Includes bands, vocals, dancing, acrobatics, theater, marching units

First Prize ($300): TBD

Second Prize ($200): TBD

Third Prize ($100): TBD 

Jeffrey Silverstone Memorial Uncle Sam Award - for costumed entries

First Prize ($200): TBD

Second Prize ($100): TBD 


Youth Groups

First Prize ($100): TBD


Roscoe Award (Animal Groups)

First Prize ($200): TBD

Second Prize ($100): TBD


Wacky Tacky Takoma Award

First Prize ($200): TBD 

Second Prize ($100): TBD 


Parade Theme - representing “Celebrating Democracy in Takoma Park”

First Prize ($200): TBD


TPIDC Memorial Award - in honor of Belle Ziegler, Ernie Weisman, Ed Hutmire, June Aloi, Kay Daniels-Cohen, and Chief James “Jimmy” Jarboe

First Prize ($200: TBD 

Prizes will not be awarded where, in the opinion of the judges, they are not merited.

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