2021 TP 4th of July SQ 2.jpg
2021 TP 4th of July SQ 2.jpg

Music to celebrate

12pm Proverbs
1pm ilyAIMY

2pm The Nighthawks

3.30pm Drumspiration

We couldn't plan for a traditional parade and evening fireworks this year, but with music from noon to 4.30pm we're making sure we've still got a mood of JOY. Come join the party at the Takoma Gazebo (7035 Carroll Ave) starting at 12pm with Proverbs Reggae, rolling forward at 1pm with the percussive progressive acoustic rock of ilyAIMY, rocking on with the electric blues sounds of the Nighthawks at 2pm and then rounding out with a participatory drumming EVENT courtesy of Drumlady Kristen Arant and her DRUMspiration!


Roots Reggae

PROVERBS REGGAE BAND is a positive unique, rootz reggae band utilizing strong lyrical content and musical expressions to uplift Rasta livity.  Proverbs is the only reggae band in the DC Metropolitan area to maintain the authentic sound of Rasta Roots Reggae Music. Specializing in social consciousness, the band endeavors to promote ancient wisdom through the art of music, thereby, spreading the spiritual message of JAH RASTAFARI through word, power, and sound.  Proverbs Reggae Band offers fans of all socioeconomic and racial backgrounds a brand of MUSICAL POETRY that compels you to get on your feet and dance when the rhythm hits.​


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acoustic rock/folk

“[ilyAIMY is] extremely versatile, incredibly skilled and uniquely diverse.... Didgeridoo, tribal drumming … acoustic or wild … guitar with EBow, strings, keyboard and a great live sound gives way to lots of dynamics within a style that’s very much their own; reflecting influences from indigenous tunes along with dark and edgy folk numbers, the band ultimately provides [an]interesting in-your-face blend of rock through whatever direction they choose… Fiery vocals full of passion channel … with a low-tuned guitar and thick male vocals… growls/throat singing mesh with female backing support that’s direct and clear. All of this makes the band an unstoppable driving force.”

Declan PoehlerFrederick News-Post


the nighthawks

Legends of Blues

As their 50th anniversary approaches, The Nighthawks step forward with two new members: Dan Hovey on guitar and Paul Pisciotta on bass. Dan delivers strong lead vocals along with his tasty guitar playing, and Paul brings the band’s already famous four-part harmonies to a new level. Drummer Mark Stutso’s singing and songwriting make him an audience favorite. And founder, lead singer and harpmaster Mark Wenner is still at the helm. With some 30 recordings and local and international awards to their credit, The Nighthawks are still churning out new material while drawing on more than four decades’ worth of signature tunes for their legendary live shows.


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Kristen Arant & The Bele Bele Rhythm Collective presents DRUMspiration! 


The Bele Bele Rhythm Collective is an intergenerational, diverse group of ~20 women from DC and surrounding areas who all share a passion for drumming. Founded in 2008 and led by Drumlady Kristen Arant, the BBRC performs tightly sewn compositions of polyrhythms on dun-uns and djembes, along with exciting breaks, contagious songs, and dancing. The BBRC performs to celebrate unity and diversity, and to spread the joy and power of West African drumming to the community at-large. 


DRUMspiration is a participatory event - bring an instrument if you'd like to join us from the audience, and get ready for some call-and-response rhythms and chants!