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  1. Review our guidelines for the morning parade venue, the food-service Regulation, and a map of each space. 

  2. Contact us to see which slots are available and whether your products overlap with other vendors.

  3. E-mail us a completed copy of the vendors application. Please be sure to check with us before submitting an application.


Vendors MUST arrive before 9:00 AM. According to the Montgomery County Health Department, “A licensed mobile unit would be a food truck with a round red and white decal that has been affixed to the truck by the Health Department. The expiration date is on the decal… However, everything MUST be done within the licensed vehicle.” If your operation is outside of the licensed vehicle, you must be inspected prior to selling.

The Montgomery County Health Department Inspector will be on-site in the morning to begin inspections. All groups requiring an inspection must be present and available by that time or they will not be permitted to sell.

The parade route is closed to street traffic at 9:00 AM. You will not be able to drive vehicles on sidewalks any commercial or residential driveways. You must locate your truck/booth at the site assigned to you, as identified on your permit issued by the Committee. TPIDC permits will be distributed on the morning of July 4th.


All participants must supply their own tables, chairs and information signs. Also, extension cords may be needed if you are using electricity. You must stop selling promptly at 12:15 PM. All signs, tables and chairs must be removed by 12:30 PM.


Vendors may NOT use polystyrene-composed containers, plates, trays, cups, lids, utensils, cutlery, bags, packaging for which food or drink will come in contact during preparation, storage, or serving food for on-site or take-away consumption. Violation of this provision will constitute a Class C misdemeanor offense, resulting in a monetary fine. Vendors are encouraged to use durable, reusable, recyclable, or compostable non-polystyrene items instead.


Parking for vendors will be along the park access road Old Philadelphia Avenue. However, parking is NOT guaranteed. We strongly advise that once you are in, you stay in your spot.


Remember that the July 4th PARADE ends at 12:00 PM / NOON. You are committed to remaining on-site until the end of the event in order to retain your invitation to next year’s event. After the parade, please pack-up and vacate the premise ASAP. You can not relocate to another spot on the parade route.

weather cancellation

Should inclement weather be forecast, please go to the T.P.I.D.C. website (


All vendors MUST bring their own trash bags and MUST take all trash from site. Food vendors should not move or use city trash cans. Vendors are responsible for leaving their area clean. If you do not remove your own trash you will not be asked to participate again!

Food Items

Vendors may only sell those items previously approved by the Committee. You will need to remove any items that are not pre-approved.


First aid and help for lost children can be found near the reviewing stand on Maple Avenue.


Bathrooms are available in the Takoma Park Community Center; and, a portable toilet at Ethan Allen Avenue and Carroll Avenue.

Vendors' Meeting

A vendors' meeting will be held in June for successful applicants. Vendor’s packets and parking passes will be distributed at that time. Please feel free to contact us for details or with any questions or concerns.

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