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Heading 4

Parade Where and When

Parade begins at 10:00 am on July 4 and lasts about 2 hours.

We are working on finalizing the 2024 parade route. We hope to return to the Takoma Park 4th of July Parade's historical route of long standing. As soon as the route is confirmed we will update here! 


Map coming soon once parade route is confirmed!

  • If you are familiar with the area, these are your main options: (1) Follow MD-410 (East-West Hwy.) east from Montgomery County or west from Prince George' County to the parade route, (2) follow Georgia Ave. south from Montgomery County or north from Washington, DC, then take MD 410 west to the parade route, or (3) follow any road to the beltway I-495 and follow the directions below for those from out of the local area.

  • From out of the local area: Take I-95, I-66, I-270 US-50, US-1, or whatever route is convenient to the Washington Beltway, I-495. Proceed to New Hampshire Avenue (MD-650) and take the Takoma Park exit (28) south. Continue about 3.25 miles to MD Route 410 (this is called East West Highway on your left and Ethan Allen Avenue on your right). There is a big U-Haul facility across the intersection on the left. Turn right onto Ethan Allen Avenue (MD Route 410 West). Proceed to the first traffic light (about .7 mile) - you will see the Takoma Park - Silver Spring Coop store on the left and a Texaco station across the street on the right - this is where the parade starts.

  • For Metrorail information: Take the Red Line to the Takoma Park station. When you exit the station continue straight ahead up the street to the right of the 7-11. One block up from there is the corner of Maple Avenue and Carroll Street, which is the 2nd turn in the parade route - there is a CVS Pharmacy on the right side across Maple Avenue. You can watch the parade from Maple Avenue to the left, from Carroll Street along the two blocks ahead, or along Carroll Avenue to the left at the end of Carroll Street. Refer to the Viewing Area section above for more information.

  • For local bus information, visit Montgomery County Ride On

Rain Date

There is no rain date. This is because it is impossible to reschedule and coordinate all of the participants, volunteers, committee members, as well as all of the police, fire, and public works personnel for a second day. It is prohibitively expensive, people have other plans, and it would be a major headache, so we just don't do it.​

Takoma Park Independence Day Committee Stand

​Please visit the Takoma Park Independence Day Committee stand in front of the the Takoma Park Community Center, where you can buy raffle tickets or t-shirts to support the Celebration, and learn more about this year's Parade and Evening Street Party.

  • The main roads which are part of the parade route will be blocked off at 9:00 AM. 

  • The parade starts at the intersection of Carroll and Ethan Allen Avenues and travels South on Carroll Avenue. This year the parade will turn right off Carroll Ave one block early, at Willow Ave (rather than Maple Ave), then turn left at Tulip Ave, and rejoin the regular route by turning right at Maple Ave one block later. (This change means that one block of Maple Ave that normally is on route will not be, and two blocks of Willow and Tulip Avenues, not usually on the parade route, will be on the route this year). The parade continues along Maple Avenue to Ritchie Avenue where the parade disbands. Note that this route forms a U which brings the parade back to within just a few blocks of its starting point - it is just 2 blocks along Philadelphia Avenue from Carroll Avenue at the Firehouse to Maple Avenue at the Municipal Building.

  • Along Carroll Avenue from the intersection with Ethan Allen Avenue south to Willow Avenue. There is shade between Philadelphia Avenue and Tulip Avenue.

  • Along Willow Avenue Between Carroll Avenue and Tulip Avenue.

  • Along Tulip Avenue Between Willow Avenue and Maple Avenue. 

  • Along Maple Avenue between Tulip Avenue and Ritchie Avenue. There is lots of shade until you get past Philadelphia Avenue, so this stretch is also the most crowded. 

  • Near and across from the reviewing stand in front of the Piney Branch Elementary School. There is no shade along here. Many of our vendors are located in this area.

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